Trading and Investment


We are trading firm that serves Government entities, Parastatals, non governmental organizations, corporates, counties and individuals. Over the time we’ve built a firm uniquely equipped to this task and to understand your investments needs, partner with you and create a unified solution.We ensure the highest levels of certainty and satisfaction through a deep-set commitment to our clients.

We provide independent professional advice on long and short term investments tailored to your individual needs, circumstances and risk profile to foreign individuals or companies who would like to invest in Kenya.
As part of community and charity activities, we to provide access to justice for all in Kenya and inspire constructive and sustainable behavior change in individuals and communities through Restorative programs designed to promote access to Justice, individual and community development.


To be the preferred trading company for safer, healthier, more prosperous and restored service delivery while providing access to the information, skills and opportunities needed to contribute to equitable local and national development through charity.


To provide  quality services and value giving focus on continuous improvement and excellence while addressing  social vulnerabilities and inequalities by providing restorative processes and capacity building through key partnerships.



We provide high-quality construction and building materials and a company-wide commitment to responsive, dependable service, we ensure the most successful outcomes to your construction projects.


First Group facilitates business importation and exportation of goods of different classes, material distributor merchandise into and out of Kenya. This include both agricultural and none agricultural products.


We provide independent professional advice on long and short term investments tailored to your individual needs, circumstances and risk profile to investing foreign individuals or companies.


We draw on  investment experience to understand client investments needs, partner with them and create a personalized solution. Our investment solutions offer stable and attractive returns.


We are in partnership with a wide range of Global Supplementary Food manufacturers offering an entire range of supplementary foods. We supply Supplementary Foods to Government Entities and NGO,s.


We specialize in buying, selling and assaying gold, diamond, Platinum and other precious metals to both the retail and wholesale industry from mining fields across Africa. We value efficiency and trustworthy measurements

Government Projects

We offer Government consultancies to the Governments of Ethiopia, South Sudan, Burundi, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya on trade and development, sourcing finances for Government projects.

Restorative Justice

We offer restorative justice programs within different penal institutions in Kenya, mainly prisons and police stations. We offer victim offender mediation which is our signature product in the Alternative Dispute Resolution.


Huan Sung Compound
Imara Daima, off Mombasa Rd
Box 1516 – 00200, Nairobi Kenya
Tel: 254-727-501009
em: y.chisa@firstgroup.limited